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Partnerships & Advice

HCT and Orchyd minibusHCT has worked in partnership with many organisations that either own their own minibus or looking to purchase a new or second-hand one. Most groups that own their minibus will find that it does very little mileage and sits outside their house or club mainly unused.

Own bus (Advice)

We can offer help and advice on the correct maintenance procedures and legal responsibilities when you are operating a minibus whether it’s for your club, school or any other organisation.
It is very important that the “responsible” person fully understands the commitment they are taking on when running your own minibus and they will be held legally liable and uninsured if things go wrong especially if one of your passengers or third parties are injured.

HCT and Ruislip Nortwood Old Folks Association partnershipThis statement also includes any drivers of the minibus who need to be aware of their responsibilities both legally and their duty of care to their passengers. This is why the MiDAS Driver Training programme was developed. Good reasons for all concerned to speak with their local Community Transport Operator.

New Bus (Advice)

Looking for a new minibus?

HCT can assist you with the specification and purchase of your new or second hand minibus. Buying a new minibus is a very expensive exercise, especially if it is adapted to provide carriage for passengers with boarding difficulties and the carriage of wheel chair passengers.
We can offer you un-biased, free advice in the specification and purchase. Once purchased we can look at the benefits of a partnership arrangement with HCT as explained below.


This is an alternative to running your own minibus by yourself and sharing a very expensive resource with your local Community Transport Scheme and in doing so with your local community.

In return we will take over the management of the minibus ensuring that it is properly maintained, complies with all legal requirements and is in a safe and roadworthy condition for your driver, passengers and other road users. We currently have several such agreements with local groups whereby they have prioritised bookings on their minibus with HCT accessing the remaining “down time” for use by other member groups.


You will have shared running costs so an immediate saving for your Organisation, access to our expertise and access to HCT’s minibus fleet. HCT will benefit from access to the down time on your minibus and make it available to our member organisations.

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